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Automatically update list of other player's results between rounds in Challenges

Hello there! Lately I've been introducing some friends of mine to Geoguessr, usually I'm in a video call with them and I create a Challenge link for them to play along, we'll talk through the rounds and then make our guesses. One thing I've been asked by pretty much every one of them so far - with me being unable to give any other answer than 'that feature isn't available, sorry' - is 'Where did you guess?'.

If I'm in a call together with someone we usually play the same rounds simultaneously so that we can chat (spoiler-free of course - it's still a competition!) about the oddities and the possible clues and everything, so it's a bit different to the standard way of creating a Challenge and then sharing it to others for them to play sometime later, without being in direct communication with them - for example a Youtube video of someone playing a Challenge with the link to it in the video description.

However if you're playing simultaneously, one of us usually guesses first and waits for the other participants to finish the round - which is a bit anticlimactic for the first person since they can't see where the following guesses by the other players were, the result list just says something by the likes of "Player hasn't guessed yet" and never updates. They can only see the other player's guesses in the game summary after we've finished the challenge unless they were the last to guess during each round. It's also not possible to reload the page, the result list will disappear completely if you do so.

TL;DR: it would be nice if, between the rounds, the list of players currently in the challenge would update with the score and marker after they've made their guess. I've been having lots of fun playing the game but pretty much everyone who I've played with so far has been surprised that this feature isn't there.


  • Hi Steve,

    I understand the issue. Now the result cant update unless someone finishes the round at the moment.

    But I will raise this to the team and see if its something we can do down the line, and have a update after guesses rather than rounds.


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