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Automated emails to my friends about my activity

Hi! First off, I greatly appreciate the quality of life improvements and, in general, the direction this game has been heading in during the last year or so. I've had a blast and can't wait to see how far this game can go! 😀

However, last two weeks I've been noticing an influx in automated emails about my friends' activity - emails of a kind: "XXXX scored YYYY points - Can you beat it?". I understand why it is a thing and I don't mind receiving emails like that as long as I can opt out not to, which in this case it seems like I can.

What I, however, hate is the fact that I seem to have absolutely zero control over when and to whom are emails about MY activity sent to. I don't get asked, I don't recall ever being asked for a permission before, and, on top of it, there is no way for me to disable the feature all together. With things like GDPR, I really don't like this from a privacy standpoint, I hope you can understand me.

I really hope you can add an option to disable "Sending emails about my activity to friends". Again, I truly love the game but, yea, I am going to take a break from playing it until then... 😃
H. C.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback on this, I will look in to this and how we can make it less intrusive. If you have any more suggestions about this you can email us at:

    Kind regards,

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