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Auto-Save When Editing

It would be nice, when editing maps, if it would auto-save our locations every time we put a pin in the map. I had made a bunch of additions to my map earlier, then accidentally went to a different page before saving and thus lost all of my work.

If that is not a possibility, then it would be nice if, when we saved, it went right back to the edit page instead of our profile. The reason I don't save after every change is that I don't want it to exit the editing page and I have to go back again.


  • I'm following this as I've had the same issue a few times.  Its so frustrating!
  • Saving each pin would be too much resource-consuming for the server that hosts the website I think. The other possibility is a local file on the user's computer, that can be imported in case of problem.

    Also a popup to prevent accidental tab closing / refresh / windows closing etc would be another must have. The classic "You have unsaved data. Do you really want to leave?" popup.
  • Maybe an auto save every 5 minutes or so.  My issue is I accidentally close the tab in my browser and then lose everything :/
  • Hi,

    thanks for the suggestions! I'm adding them to the backlog.


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