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Austria Game

Can you please add Austria to the Countries? I know why it isn't there, we had terrible street view coverage until 2020, but now almost the whole country is covered, much better than Germany for example!


  • Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for sending over some feedback to us!

    We are working on adding more content and of course more countries as well.

    Have a good night!
  • Now it's here and I played it today. To be honest, it was a kind of disappointment for me. Three of five were in Vienna, one in Graz and another one at Niederösterreich. The mountains were never been seen. Well, at least I get a gold medal, but could it be a little bit more spreaded arround the whole country please? Here is the overview, which shows what I mean.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback! Its always tricky to make the maps due to both the difficulty-level and the coverage that might not always be the best for certain countries.


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