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Australia frequency by state

Awesome site, I love it!

I would just like to query your frequency of ending up in various parts of Australia. Firstly, it appears I land up there about 8% of the time. Of these, It seems about:
25% NSW
25% Queensland
12.5% South Australia
12.5% Tasmania
12.5% West Australia
6% Victoria
6% Northern Territory (but I'm getting to small sample sizes with the small ones so perhaps not overly accurate!

What concerns me is the share of population of theses states are respectively: 33%, 20%, 7%, 2%,10%, 25%, 2%. So, I would assert that you need to tweak your algorithm to more accurately reflect population by state. While ideally I would suggest that you weight by road network size, I cannot find this information on the web broken down by Australian states.

Also, Australia despite its size is one of the most urbanised countries in the world - 94% living in a city by one online source. Almost all my "hits" in Australia are outside the populous capital cities.

Combining these two facts I have almost never ended up in Melbourne - home to 15-20% of Australia's population.

I'm happy to suggest some algorithm tweaks to you in more detail if you would email me.

Appreciate your time in reading all the web comments - good luck in continuing to improve what is already an awesome site.

Luke from Bendigo Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Luke

    Thank you for your feedback!
    The selection of locations is something we've gotten a lot of feedback on and something that we're currently working on. Your ideas of going by population density is definitely interesting and perhaps especially significant for a large country like Australia. We'll take this under consideration for potential future updates!

    Kind regards

  • Hey Luke from Bendigo,

    Have you tried our new Australia game?



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