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Arrow keys rotation speed is extremely slow

Hello, posting here for the first time. I'd like to know what's happening with arrow keys rotating. For the past few months the rotation speed was extremely fast, you could do a 360 degrees rotation in like 0.2 seconds. However, last 3 or 4 days it's been unbelievably slow, similar to google maps. I'm fairly certain there aren't many people who use the arrow keys so they probably haven't noticed the change at all, but I did. I only play challenges with short time limits, and using the arrow keys is an essential part of gameplay, saving me 6-7~ seconds every minute. Now I basically can't play the same way, as I'm forced to turn using the mouse, causing me to waste precious seconds every round. Does anybody know what caused this change? It's literally the first time I see it happening since I started playing the game half a year ago.

Thanks 😀
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  • Hello? Anyone?
  • Hi granis,

    Sorry for the late reply! Sometimes google introduces changes to street view like this one that we cannot control. Sometimes it's possible to enable/disable certain options but most times you have to go with their settings. There's been plenty of threads here and over at reddit/r/geoguessr regarding this with upset players.
    In this case, we haven't done any updates to the movement and by quickly looking at googles documentation I can't find any options to control this either.. Sorry. 


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