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Are the maps lagging for others too?

I can play a game at the moment as it's going too slow. I've cl;eared the cache and all other shit on Chrome and everything else is running fine on my computer....just GoeGuessr and Google maps are lagging.
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  • I'm giving this 5 days...if i have no solution by then, I'm cancelling my "Pro Account".
    I'm using Chrome and recently the maps have been going so slow. When I drag a map left or right, it doesn't move. I have to keep dragging for it to move a bit. Very slowly. It's the same on Google maps too. I tried using Internet Explorer just to test works fine with that.....only I dont want IE.
    Mark Naylor
  • If it's the same on Google Maps then the problem is not from Geoguessr. Did you disable hardware acceleration in Chrome settings?
  • Yeah, I disabled that. I think the problem is more down to Google Chrome. I'm hoping to get it sorted as I cant play on here until it is. Thanks for the reply though, mate.
    Mark Naylor
  • Well try to enable it, without hardware acceleration Streetview is slow as hell for me so chances that it's the same for you.
  • You should get paid on here. That's fixed it. nice one, mate.
  • But you have to turn hardware acceleration off in order for chrome to be usable at all with a multi monitor setup, lmao. What shitty behavior.
    RIck James
  • I have multiple monitors and I can enable hardware acceleration without any problem. No idea what you're talking about then, but it could be quite specific and hard to find the reason.

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