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Are locations really random, or is it tweaked?

Absolutely love GeoGuessr, have been playing all weekend with my girlfriend! I was wondering something, though: are the dropping locations purely random, or is there some kind of algorithm behind it?

I have the feeling that I rarely get dropped in big cities (which could be logical due to the fact that there are substantially more desolate roads), but on the other hand, I get dropped in Texas and the center states pretty often - while I have almost never been dropped in center Europe (just once or twice in about 12 games.

Just out of curiosity!



  • Carel,

    I don't know exactly how the devs have set up the location picking, but I can tell you that it's different depending on the map that you're playing. For instance, they've said that on the Australia and Canada maps, locations are picked using a population weighing algorithm in order to help reduce the chances of being dropped in the middle of nowhere with many km worth of clicking to do before you can find reliable clues.

    As far as I know, the World map is purely random (where Google Street View information exists, of course)

    But who knows what will happen in 25 minutes.

  • I love the game but is so boring when it throws me to straight endless roads so often 🙁 !

  • Hi guys

    The location selection is overall random, but as nicepants stated there are a few tweaks to increase the chances of more entertaining locations. In some cases there are tweaks to increase the probability of more populated areas being selected, and in other cases there are tweaks to favor a wider diversity between the regions that are selected.

    So to sum it up, it's random for the most part.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Veronica

    Thanks for the feedback, this is a point that is brought up quite often and something that we're working on fixing in some way or another. Please stay tuned for updates!

    Kind regards,

  • Ah, thanks! Good to know! That's great.

    Also, I guess that it is randomized based on surface area, and not based on total amount of street view coverage available? That would explain the fact that I am often dropped in Texas, Argentina, Brazil and Scandinavia (which are vast areas, but with relatively few roads).

    Just like someone else mentioned at the Suggestion-forum, it might be nice to have a slightly more diverse feeling to the droppings (which might not be truely random). Because I wouldn't be surprized if there would be an equal amount of 'street view kilometers' available in the Netherlands as there is in, say, Sweden.

    Anyway, it is good as it is as well, and I cannot stress it enough that this game is absolutely wonderful! ;-)

  • Hi Carel

    As you suspected the larger areas have somewhat of an advantage just because of their shear size. However, the street view coverage is also affecting the selection.
    Thanks for the feedback (and glad that you like GeoGuessr :)), we're continually working on improving the feeling of "randomness" so expect improvements in the future!

    Kind regards,

  • Hey I was playing in the app, in just Australia, and within about 10 games got the exact same place twice. Is there anything which may be causing this, or just a one in a million chance?
  • Hi we've had some issues with repeats so it's probably an issue on our end with the random algorithm. We're working on it.


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