Annuity Debt

I would like to know why the full amount of the annuity was charged and the advertising made is that it will be charged a value of 1.99, but dismissed the value 23 dollars and became a very high invoice value, if it is possible to override this amount and debit it differently.
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  • Hi Gadhi,

    If you choose the annual subscription you are charged for a full year at once (when the trial period is over). The $1.99 badge is there to show what you save by choosing the annual subscription versus the monthly. If you want a smaller amount you can choose the monthly subscription but then over a year you will pay $12 more.

    hope that helps

  • I would like to change my package and you extinct it, because I really thought it was 1.99 per month for a year, not the whole amount at one time, if you would be grateful to change my subscription for a single month , and I spent 2 other accounts on the same card to motivate them too, I can commit to pay for a year 2.99 per month, it is easier for me.
  • ok I'll look into it if you let me know the email address that you used for the account, the one you used here doesn't seem to have a pro subscription.

  • account email is:
  • Aright, I've canceled your subscription and refunded you the payment (it might take a few days for it to reach you). I also created a monthly subscription where the first payment will be on Sep 20th.

    Hope that helps,

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