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Android app crashing

I installed the app and when launching it no matter if I try to skip the tutorial or do it, the app crashes. I dont have google play services installed, which could be the reason, but i just want to confirm.


  • And my phone is motorola moto g7 power

  • Hi,

    How can you download the app without Google Play?

    Can you send a recording of how it looks to and the team can look further into it.

  • I've sent a recording.
    I use an app called aurora store, which accesses the google play servers anonymously to get the app files. Also i'm replacing the play services with microg, which makes almost all apps that need play services work.
    I suspect that this is a problem with play games.
    I hope a google login is not necessary.

  • Great thanks for that, the App-team will look further into it 😀 


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