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Alternatives to subscriptions

Currently there is only one way to play the full game, by taking a subscription. While this fits well for regular players that want all features (map editor etc) and play on a regular basis, it doesn't really fit for more occasional players that won't want to pay every month just to play 2-3 games.

A simple alternative would simply be game packages. For an one-time payment, people could buy a package that includes a fixed amount of games. Like "50 games for $2" (up to you to calculate the exact price depending of the costs of course).

This way, people will only spend their money on what they actually play, when they want. Each time they start a new game, they will use one game (daily challenge, challenge links and resumed games wouldn't count in this, like it is now for free players). They would not be able to create challenges though as they can be shared to other players, which would cost too much so this would be a pro feature only like it is now as well.

Another alternative could be those ads that you need to watch like on Utip / Tipee, or mobile games do to get free "gems". I have no idea how much such ads can bring, I know it was 0.05€on Utip at some point so this would only bring 2-3 free games per ad, not a lot but still better than nothing.

We also could have ways to gift games or subscriptions to other accounts. I've seen some people asking for this already, and it could be a nice giveaway to do for streamers or youtubers!

Maybe other alternatives can exist but I do not have more ideas for now.

Hop you'll consider those ideas.


  • I mean, there is this game called City Guesser which is similar to GeoGuessr but utilizes real footage of different cities.

    Best part, it's free ZERO pay wall.
    Jason McClain
  • It is something totally different. This game simply uses embedded Youtube videos which is free to do (you can embed them everywhere without any problem).

    GeoGuessr uses the Google Maps API which is not free and it became quite expensive after Google raised the prices 14 times, making the ability to create this kind of game virtually impossible if the game is popular like GeoGuessr.

    This is why in this suggestion I always take in account the fact every time someone loads the game screen it costs money for the game, because it is when Street View and the guessing map is loaded that Google bills them.

    By the way someone from the GeoGuessr community also created a city guessr game that is a bit better as you have video and sound controls, more game functionalities (country streaks will also come soon) and it is also free. You should check it:
  • Just tried the Epizy one. Personally, I like City Guesser more.. just feels more polished. Also, City Guesser has a multiplayer gamemode which is pretty cool if you want to play with friends. But that other alternative seems cool!

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