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(Almost) Not Guessable Location in World Map

I am so unlucky when playing in GeoGuessr in a World Map and got stuck in a Germany pharmacy. I can only "explore" in the shop and cannot get out as the area outside (which is the car-park) the only entrance is not mapped. Is is possible to remove all of these unreasonable location?

Starting Point

Entrance to Pharmacy

Actual Location

The situation is the city (Coburg) itself is not mapped in google street view, but some google user submitted 360 degree photo in the pharmacy shop. Thus the pharmacy shop have google street view, bit anything outside does not, making it (almost) impossible to guess the location.

PS: 1. Ignore any Chinese character (I come from Hong Kong) 2. hcmy2017 is not my name (obviously)

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  • It is not possoble to guess this place
  • I wish all handheld 360 picture submissions were removed, 9 times out of 10 they are super blurry or in a small area with not a lot of movement.
  • I think the main problem they are facing is that the system for geoguessr are not able to tell what type of "street" view (360 photo or normal street view) Google Maps provided and the map is just picking random location on all "street" view within the stated region (the whole world in my case).

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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