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(Almost) can't load photospheres?


I have big issues loading photospheres from Geoguessr. I can load them correctly on Google Maps, sometimes it takes a few seconds to load the HD version but it loads. On Geoguessr I have lot of trouble loading them, I sometimes load one, not always in HD version, but most of time it's just a plain black screen.

An example of challenge with photospheres that I can't load (at least the first one, since I didn't make any blind guess to pass it):

Another example, a map I did today, using my own photospheres that I'm sure I can load on Google Maps, but except one (loaded in HD version) and another one (which stays low res), I can't load the others on Geoguessr: (spoiler for people from Reddit, I'll make a challenge with them!)

Any idea about what could cause a problem?

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  • Hi KillerMapper

    Interesting problem! I tried your challenges now and for me the photosphere does show up. What browser are you using? If you have any browser extensions installed try to start the challenge in incognito mode (which disables all extensions) and see if that makes any difference? You could also try a different browser than what you're normally using and check.

  • Hi,

    I tried without any extension and in incognito mode, it didn't change a lot.

    Recently the photospheres started to load again, but it can still be slow. Many people have randomly this issue too. I heard switching browsers can sometimes help, but it's always random.

    I guess it's more related to Google Maps than Geoguessr. It can be slow to load on Google Maps itself but less often. Could be some Google API limiting data transfert from external services? Or it depends of the photosphere being loaded more often, so it's cached by Google because photospheres in Famous Places map load quickly probably because many people play this map and load them often.
  • Hi KillerMapper

    Thanks for the help with the troubleshooting! It sounds like, as you said, it could be a general Google Streetview problem. We'll look into it and see if there is anything we can do on our end!


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