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After panorama loading failed, i get a location which is not on the map

Lately (since the redesign) i get the following bug on a regular basis:

When playing a map, after clicking Next Round I see the Street View of the starting point of the previous round. Then, when i start to move, the Street view disappears and the "Failed to load panorama" error shows up. When reloading, i get another location, which is not part of the map i am playing!

For example in my last game (game id CGALiIleaWeRixVf) i was playing South America map. After the bug occured in round 2 i got a place in Botswana.

Please ask if you need any further information.
Moritz Hohmeier


  • Hi,

    This intermittent bug has been present for a long time Im afraid and its an issue that locations are removed from Google side.

    We are working on a longterm fix for it 🙂

  • Alright, thanks for the quick response!
    Moritz Hohmeier

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