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Advertising on the results after each round is too much

Went to play today and discovered that there is now advertising hovering over the result of each round.  Have to wait 5 seconds for the ad to clear or upgrade to pro.  
If this is the way it's going to be, I'm done. There's advertising at the bottom of each page, and I have no issue with that. This is way over the top and super intrusive.

I understand you need to make some money off this venture, and I've been a pro user before, but I'm done if this is the way it's going to be in the future.


  • I totally agree with Ray!!!
    I -  and we all - have so often suggested improvements, but nothing has happened. This game hasn't had any decent upgrades/changes in such a long time!
    I love it, but it could be so much better!!

    If it WAS better (for example if it allowed me to ban Russia altogether), I'd be quite willing to pay for the Pro version. As it is, the Pro version is NOT worth the money, but I still kept hoping it might all improve some day.

    Now you have added advertising on top ......... and totally over the top amounts of advertising for the useless pro version!!!

    I think this will probably be the end of my GeoGuessr time  ...... I am very sad, but this rubbish is just too much!
  • Hi guys!

    Sorry, that you feel that way, I understand that this might be frustrating! We'll working on tweaking these a bit and will likely continue to do so in the future.
    To look at it from another angle - what do you feel would need to be added to make the Pro account worth it's price for you? Is there some specific feature or improvements that you're missing, or do you think that the price is too high? You guys are of course very important to us, and it would be very interesting to hear your point of view.

    To address your points Karin. Have you tried Pro and determined that it isn't something for you? You could for example easily create a map with only the countries that you want play, even if that includes the entire world besides Russia if that is what you want? We've also recently added Pro Leagues (which for now is available for all registered players, not just pro users) and Daily Challenges to compare yourself with other fellow GeoGuessr players, and we're also working on more features for the near future.

  • Hello Anton.
    To answer your questions, let me share some of my thoughts with you, things I dislike about Geoguessr, and features I'd LOVE to see.

    1) It is frustrating when I know I'm literally within centimeters of a particular location, yet the game/satellite tells me I'm way off!
    2) It is frustrating when everything suddenly turns black in the middle of a game
    3) I hate it when the video quality is so horrendeous (or the camera on top of the vehicle had fallen over sideways and everything is hazy/on a lean/etc etc) that you can barely see the road, let alone read a HUGE sign you're standing right in front of. Unfortunately, that happens far too often. It may not be YOUR fault, since you're using Google maps, but it is still a fact to the people playing it, regardless.
    4) I would love to be able to save a game, repeat it, save screenshots to share in some "favourites" folder, etc..... There is basically no way to customize the game, to do little things to make it "mine".

    The way I see it, there are two ways to play this game: one is to take one look, guess, move on. I do that occasionally, but don't really enjoy it much. The other way is to take my time, look for clues, google phone numbers etc. I love the "detective" version! Which leads me to the next points:

    5) I don't really like being out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, with zero clues for hours on end, or inside a hotel room without a single good clue, etc. I understand that is valid as far as you're concerned, but in my dreamiest of dream versions of Geoguessr, I'd be able to specify that I want only locations with clues, even really hard ones.

    Going Pro might improve one of those issues (being able to exclude Russia, for example), but it doesn't fix any of the others, right?
    I, personally, have no interest in competitions and leagues, since I'm only competitive against myself, and not into trying to beat other people.

    So all up, USD 24.00 per year is too much for what it is, in my opinion. I might consider it at half that price, or full price if I could have everything I want.

    About those new ads....if you feel you MUST keep pushing us to go Pro, I'm sure you could think of a way of driving your message home, without driving us away with the ridiculous way it is currently being done.

    That's all I can think of right now, but this should be comprehensive enough for you.

  • Hello, you can already fix many of the problems, without even needing pro.

    1) Sadly that's from Google and there is no fix possible. That's why I asked for a minimal safe distance where you'll always get all the points (currently 15m, but I still think it's low because I got cases where Google was wrong for 40m). That's good for scoring but if you really try to be as close as possible, you can forget the idea of being able to do it all the time.

    2) and 3) You can use custom maps made by people around, like my map "A Diverse World" or the map"Geobettr World". My map has no photosphere and no blurry location (the low quality thing). About black screens, it's when Google removes data and it's hard to fix. But at least with custom maps you can report the location to be removed. If the devs add a way to import data I'll be able to push my map beyond the current limits of the slow map editor...

    5) Again, with custom maps, you can fix this. Look for urban maps ("An Urban World" is another of mine, but just searching for "city" should give many other maps).

    Only 4) is not possible at this moment, even with pro. Being able to save our position to resume later is a cool idea, I dig it! As for the screenshots, it's another interesting idea but that may be expensive in terms of server storage, even with pro money. I'm not dev though so it's up to them.

    Hope that can help a bit.
  • Anton - I'm sorry you're seeing this as approaching it from the angle of driving people to pay money.  To me, the longer this intrusive advertising remains, the longer I will stay away and in turn, less likely to ever come back.  It's a poor plan from that standpoint.

    Advertise around the periphery all you want, I wouldn't care. The point of my post is that the adverts in the intermediate stages, that slow down game play, are out of line. They're frustrating, they're slow and they're quite clearly a cynical cash-grab.

    I've been a paying member before, and only to create my own maps. But after spending significant time to craft thoughtful themes and interesting subjects, only to have a handful of people play them is not worth my time or money. Meanwhile, you have people spamming the "new maps" list with random crap that requires little or no thought to create, or worse, intentionally misleading maps that are frustrating and worthless. These two things push the well-crafted maps to the bottom of the list to be lost forever.

    The see two ways to improve that situation:

    (1) some sort of interaction with players - the ability to score a game and to comment on games. For instance, I tried a game today to see if the advertising situation had changed - it had not - but the game was a perfect illustration of what pushes me away. It was entitled "Northwest States." As someone who lives in the Northwest, it was of interest. The first location was in Washington, and the remainder (3) were in Nebraska and one in Wyoming. By literally no person's definition is Nebraska in the "northwest." It was a polygon map done with zero interest in accuracy or playability.

    (2) utilize the above scoring system to either restrict low-scoring map makers to a certain amount of maps created per day, or organizing a list of new maps by player score.

    Change these things and maybe it's worth paying.  Right now, there's no chance.  And the free game is very rapidly losing my interest.
  • I've played a couple of rounds and it appears the advertising I referenced is gone.

    Thank you.

    Coupled with the comments about creating a scoring system and your responses here, it looks like the developers are responding positively to comments and I sincerely appreciate that.  It's a fun game!

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