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gave up playing your game after two minutes, too many ads, placed obnoxiously.
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  • Sorry to hear that! We're always trying to improve the game in different ways, what ad placements did you think was obnoxious?

  • Same here! I had to turn off Adblock and then I found out why I had Adblock on in the first place. The game is a narrow slit on my screen, can't see the original content.

    My suggestion: Show us ads in between ads. Fullscreen, whatever. But don't use one third of the screen for ads during rounds! 

    erik smit
  • erik, I'd recommend zooming your browser out by hitting Ctrl - a few times (control minus)

    Your map will be bigger, and all the bars will be smaller.
  • Thanks, Cyndi!

    As to pro membership - I think 24 euros a year is a bit too much for a game I play occasionally, and the only benefit that I see is no ads... I would sign up for that if it were cheaper, or if there were extras I appreciated more...

    erik smit
  • Yeah we already suggested more tiers to the pro subscription as many people don't want the map editor or the leagues but want to get rid of the ads. Something like $1/month to remove ads only could be interesting. It's up to them to listen to us now.

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