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Add the no car option natively into GeoGuessr

People have already used for a long time a No Car script that would hide the Google car during the play so it cannot be used as a clue for guessing. However, it is not possible to force this on other people in challenges, party play, etc. This would be really amazing if it could be added natively into the game and increase the variety of gameplay. There are a lot of people in the community who would want this to happen. The Google car is a clue only because of street view and it stunts guessing in a way because sometimes it is so easy to tell where you are just from the car and not looking at the environment, how it should be. People have come up with so many car metas already that it's become a really prevalent clue that really shouldn't be there, so playing with no car gives a completely different and interesting experience of the game.
No Car script link:
I've seen someone has already suggested this 2 years ago:


  • This would be incredible - probably the number one feature I'd most want to see added so voicing my support for this!
  • This would be so awesome, vouch
  • Hi!

    This is a really cool idea! I will forward this to the team.
    We now that there are some issues with the streetview and are currently working on some upgrades. When I have more info about this I will let you know!

    We hear you!

  • vouch!! I would love this - I don't enjoy metagaming, and sometimes when I'm playing battle royale everyone will guess within one pictosecond when we're just on a road somewhere and I'm like ''ahh well there's some meta somewhere I'm missing, but I really don't feel like learning it'' and it sucks
  • Yes -- this would be great!
    Though it's true that the no-car script exists, the use of car clues is, I think increasingly spoiling the scoring aspect of Geoguessr. The beauty of the game is in recognizing places, languages, and signs -- things we'd see if we were lucky enough to be transported to parts of the world -- not in recognizing the Google car. Thanks for proposing this!
    Raghu Parthasarathy
  • I don't think this would be possible:
    From the [Google Maps Terms of Use](
    1. No derivative works. You will not modify or create a derivative work based on any Content unless expressly permitted to do so under these Terms. For example, the following are prohibited: (i) creating server-side modification of map tiles; (ii) stitching multiple static map images together to display a map that is larger than permitted in the Maps APIs Documentation; or (iii) tracing or copying the copyrightable elements of Google’s maps or building outlines and creating a new work, such as a new mapping or navigation dataset.

  • @Fungus
    true, but "unless expressly permitted to do so"
    google may allow it if asked.

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