Add ELO and remove 50/50

I'm a very experienced GeoGuessr player and a very good one at that, I know almost all meta and win every game unless playing another pro, can easily win tens of BR's in a row while playing on multiple tabs.

Regardless, 50/50 feature is taking fun out of the game because clueless people that could be thinking Australia when it's actually Lithuania just get a free pass. And of course, there is no matchmaking, which makes playing the game pointless because it's the same story over and over again - half the people have no idea about the place and lose first round, the other 3-4 are alright, and then if lucky there's a good guy to play against.

Adding an MMR would be better for EVERYONE, because worse players don't need to think that everyone is cheating each game, and better players can actually compete. And yeah, get rid of the 50/50, it's a bad feature.


  • Heyo!

    Thanks for the feedback! We are looking into MMR in BR. So hopefully soon we can have something in place.

  • yeah, I'd also love a MMR, or maybe some time control Elo 1v1 matches (out of 5k points) would be interesting. I was also curious about a sort of "puzzle racer" analog from chess, where people go head to head and try to guess the most countries right within a certain time period, again, 1 on 1, with three strikes.

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