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Add countries with less coverage to Battle Royale but to a smaller degree

So far the devs have been somewhat conservative with the amount of countries in the Battle Royale mode. Even some countries that appear in the Country Streak mode don't appear in Battle Royale. I suspect this is because the devs have the same spawnrate for every country, so that would mean countries with smaller coverage would more easily get repetitive locations. We already notice this a bit with countries like Andorra.

Now I propose to add these countries anyway but with a smaller spawnrate, say 10%-25% of the current countries. This would open up a lot more countries to the mode and make playing it even more fun IMO.

Countries/regions they could add by doing this (from the top of my head):
- San Marino
- Puerto Rico
- Laos
- Egypt
- Vietnam
- Faroer Islands
- Costa Rica
- Dominican Republic
- Antarctica
- Pakistan
- Curacao


  • Hey Koen,

    We are working on adding more countries as we speak, so hopefully soon! 😀


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