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Add collaborative map maker features

I want to make maps with my friends on GeoGuessr. 😀
Petter Holstad


  • Hey Petter!

    That would be a cool thing to have. I have sent the feedback on the the gang! 😀

  • This would be great! We are making a map together now, but sharing user name and passwords around is far from ideal!
  • Would be a great features ! Indeed, i am currently sharing my account with Olsnes to make a map. Collaborative work is in my opinion a really good way to make map, we can share and discuss about anything we like and make a map big way faster than alone.
  • Absolutely, Its in the backlog for Map-Maker so we will see when we have the time to add it and other good things 🙂
  • To the owner, Your posts are always on topic and relevant.
    Kellye Heisler

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