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Add a real ranking system to Battle Royale (plus some other suggestions)

Like many people, I have recently loved playing the new Battle Royale game mode and am very glad that a multiplayer game mode was added to the game. However, I have seen (mostly among better players) a lack of interest in the game mode. After a while clicking on the right country faster than a bunch of people who are way below your skill level gets boring because there is nothing to work towards. I'm just a relatively small YouTuber and know close to nothing on how the game is made or how hard it would be to implement these features, but as someone who's pretty active in the Geoguessr community, i think that everyone would love to see these new things added if possible.

First of all, I would like to see a true ranking system in Battle Royale. The current xp system is nice and shows that it can be done. The only real problem with it is that you don't lose xp when you do badly, meaning that the top player is just the person who plays the most, not the person who is the best at the game. I would also love to see something along the lines of a top 100 leaderboard, so people can see and recognize the people who are doing the best at the game. To make this ranking system work, I think that it is necessary to only having matchmaking within a division. Even if you lose xp when you lose, it doesn't matter if you are always playing against new players. I understand that something like this is already in the game and that there may not be enough players to do it solely within a division, but I think it would help a lot. The last thing I would like to add about the current ranking system is that the only rewards are a different color background behind your number. I would love to see more interesting rewards for people to work towards. When I got my division up notifications it said that there were rewards, so this may very well already be something you have plans for.

Second, I would like to suggest that Battle Royale be moved from countries to distance. There would be roughly 30s rounds where instead of selecting a country, players put a marker on the map, and each time the player who is furthest from the location get eliminated. This would be useful for a few reason. Right now, you can see which country you were placed in, but not exactly where you were, which I and many others find very annoying. Even if distance Battle Royale is not added, I would like to be able to see the exact location the round was afterwards. Also, players would be able to work on their pinpointing as they can better get a sense for what each part of a country looks like, instead of being left in the dark in that regard. Finally, it would allow more places that don't have enough coverage to be added as a full country in Battle Royale such as Vietnam, or countries that have disputed borders and were not added to the game because of political reasons, such as Taiwan. It would also possibly allow people to play with non-official maps. I would love to see the Geoguessr team work with maps creators such as Mapper to bring imo better non-official maps to these game modes, such as A Diverse World.

I hope this gets seen and considered for being added to the game. I know I wrote a lot but I feel very strongly about this. I know that much of this may not be able to be implemented due to other issues. However, I hope that it will all be considered. Thank you for working so much on this game!


  • I am definitely in favour of a distance-based Battle Royale, though not for the reasons you mentioned. The current form of battle royale could just as easily show the exact location in the same way country streak does it right now. And widespread coverage within a country is not important at all for battle royale precisely because you don't have to pinpoint the exact location, it is much more important for explorer mode for instance.

    A bigger reason in my eyes is that a distance based battle royale system increases the need to look further than land orders and allows for better games at higher levels/better players. This in turn could create more tactics/strategies.
    It also devalues the importance of speed, while creating faster paced games. People won't have to stress about guessing within the yellow grace period and latency and bad computers won't impact people as much.

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