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Ad block issue

Went to play my "one free game", got blocked because of my ad blocker, So I turned it off, lost my free game anyhow. Might wanna fix that because it left a very poor taste in my mouth. I get that you gotta earn money to stay in business but come on now, robbing me of a short game because of adblock is just mean spirited.

Didn't exactly make me WANT to "go pro". Just made me want to slap somebody.
Alden Pratt


  • This is more the kind of case people usually won't think and it has to happen once to be known.

    But try to go to your ongoing games (link in the left menu), you may be able to find your game here and continue it. If not, then it's another specific case to fix.
  • Saw the option, already checked. No ongoing games. 🙁 Sorry I hadn't specified that bit already.
    Alden Pratt

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