Activation mail not received

Hello, I didn't get my confirmation mail..... I looked through the posts and saw that this happens a lot... maybe it's worth checking out?


  • Hi Mel,

    Glad you signed up with us!

    Thanks for the feedback, we will look further into this. I have sent you another confirmation email. Have a look to see if you have received it.

    And as always; have a look through spam as well to see if it ended up there.

    If not, then come back to us and we will take another look!

  • No, still nothing.... I tried it with another email too... nothing there either...
  • Sorry about that Mel,

    We will look into this further and update you as soon as possible.

  • Hi Mel,

    I had a look at the our mail server's logs and we get this error message back from your mail server: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

    • 550 – The message has failed because the other user’s mailbox is unavailable or because the recipient server rejected your message.

    It sounds like the mail server you are using might have some filter blocking emails from us. What was the other address you tried? You can send us an email at so you don't have to post it here.



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