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I was on a streak of 106 and I found the EXACT location of where I was ( San Marino) but when I found this EXACT SPOT on the map to make  my guess it said Italy when i clicked on it and I lost the game ! How is this possible ?
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  • The polygons you can see on the map after clicking on a country are only to allow country selection, however they are not necessarily following the borders precisely for performance reasons. Never click the right spot, just click the middle of the country to be sure you don't select another country by mistake.

    They can restore your streak if you have the game ID, for example if you have the result screen. You should be able to find it in your browser history.
  • Thank you - how do i get it restored ? - Here is the street i was on in Geogusser but it showed as Italy - I see what you mean now though I should have pressed  anywhere on the Red patch instead of the ACTUAL location - which is in Italy ( the green area) and also thanks for the advice for getting this from my history files - very helpful  = just hope i can get streak restored :-) 

    Mr Wallace Burt
  • The funny thing is that some locations near borders are actually bugged and counted in the wrong country. If this one was like that you would have the correct answer. But this one is in the correct country.

    To have your streak fixed you can follow those instructions:

    Just tell them you guessed based on the location and the selected polygon was wrong.
  • MAPPER - Thank you for the help I emailed them with the details and my streak has been restored :-)
    Mr Wallace Burt
  • Good to hear! Good luck for the streak.
  • Every time I play my set of free games for the day, one of them traps me in a place that I can't get out of. Today's was a town where the roads I was allowed to take ended in dirt road dead ends or paved dead ends or stopped at an intersection and forced me to turn. I kept going around in circles trying to find a road that would take me out of town. Why are busy roads blocked but I can travel down a dirt road that ends at someone's house or just ends?
  • Sorry I didn't mean to comment here. I should have created a new post.

  • I know that feeling well - I was in a Safari  and could only go forward and back about 100meters - eventually after looking through every safari i could find on maps in Africa ( just a guess as there were elephants) i found it in Kenya. took me about 3 hours that one. Just have to persevere :-)
    Mr Wallace Burt
  • Thanks for the response, Mr. Wallace Burt. I've just trying to figure it out with only the map provided. But it's impossible when it blocks you from moving anywhere. I thought the rules were not to use outside resources. But maybe those are my own personal rules.
  • You can always send the Game-ID over to in case you want the Streak revived 🙂


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