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Hi. I personally believe that 50/50 on Battle Royale is a really good feature as it stands, but I have one problem with it. I’ve been hearing that it can be used during the final round and honestly that shouldn’t be the case as the final round should be all about skill. I love the feature and I hope you don’t remove it but removing access of the feature in the final round is a good compromise between those that like the feature and the more experienced players that don’t like the “RNG” aspect of it. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback! I will relay it to the rest of the team!

  • I would like to suggest tweaking it a little more as follows: if two players arrive at the final and one has managed to save the 50/50 and the other hasn't, then let the final proceed with the player still keeping the 50/50 option, they earned the advantage. (Ideally I would prefer it though if the 50/50 button did not activate in the final until the timer bar is at the halfway point, since it gives the player without the button a more reasonable amount of time, but that may be a little too confusing, I don't know.)

    If however, both players arrive at the final with the 50/50 still intact then it gets removed from both players for the final, to make it a fully skilled showdown and not a rush to use the button. It would be evenly fair for both players and a good way to do the final.

    By doing it this way it would also lead to some interesting strategy options about whether to use the 50/50 button as you get close to the final - for example players might be more hesitant to use it in the round of 3 before the final, if they prefer doing the final without the button present.

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