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Abort Bug

Hi. The app too often bugs and ask me to abort. It happens almost every time we play. Why is that?

David Giguere


  • Hi David

    Sorry to hear that. Are you referring to the web application or the iOS app? If it's the web application it would be very helpful to know what browser and OS you are using - and if it's the iOS app - what device and iOS version you are using.

    Kind regards,

  • It's an iPhone 6s iOS 10.

    My post dates a month. We stopped playing GeoGuessr for that time. We tried playing again today and it bugged yet again... We could play, but had to abort twice in three games...

    Sorry that this happens, as it will drive us away from you game.


    David Giguère
  • Hi David

    Sorry to hear that, could you describe a bit more in detail of what happens when you have to abort the game?

    Kind regards,

  • Mine is doing this as well. As an app playing the play and pass it aborts on the 2nd persons second turn every time. Very upsetting

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