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Ability to use the Polygonal Tool and the Handpicker at the same time on Map Maker

I love making maps and I understand why the Polygonal Tool is limited in how it picks the locations. However handpicking locations from scratch can be a huge pain if you’re making a replayable map that covers a large area. I’m wondering if it’s possible to add a feature where a map maker can use the polygonal tool and then switch to handpicked mode to fill the gaps left by the polygon (or remove any repeat locations left from it). That would make map making a lot easier for someone who likes to ensure all areas are fully represented in their maps (like myself)


  • I would also like this feature. I find it quite frustrating that it just erases one or the other
  • Hi,

    Makes sense. I will add it on the wishlist we have for Map-Making improvements. And we shall see when we get time to add some of it.  Let me know in case there is anything else that you feel should be on there 🙂


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