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Dear Geoguessr team,

My boyfriend and I live in different countries and don't get to see each other very often, so we talk a lot on Skype and play games online. Geoguessr has been absolutely my favorite game to play for the past two years. I've learned how to read Cyrillic and how to tell the difference between written Norwegian and Swedish just to get better at Geoguessr. I now know how the Brazilian highway system is organized (and how the French highway system isn't organized), and how to tell Australia from South Africa accurately at first glance (OK that one is a lie). I love how you can employ all sorts of different knowledge to figure out your location.

My boyfriend and I play cooperatively: I send him a link to the game and I go one way and he goes the other way and we discuss the interesting things we see and share clues on Skype. It always leads to some great conversations and discoveries. I hope someday you'll add the option to share the game link at the beginning of the game so we can start playing the new version instead of the retro one and use the awesome account feature.

Thanks for making the best online game ever!

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  • Hi Sarah. Thanks so much for the kind words. It sure means a lot to the whole team, and it's always interesting to hear stories about how people use GeoGuessr to interact with each other. We're working on bringing back challenges connected to the account feature but we need to figure a few things out in order to make it even more awesome.



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