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A wrong location in the Dumb Test Map

I played the Dumb Test map under popular maps and one of the locations showed up as arc the triomphe in Paris but in actuallity it showed a picture of the siegestor in Munich. I have looked up the images of both arches after the match to make sure i wasn't misstaking and i am 100% sure i am correct.

This was not an official google photo but a photo made by a tourist.

Here is a link to the results window:
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  • To be sure we talk about the same place, did you have this picture: ?

    If yes then that's not the Arc de Triomphe neither the Siegestor, but it's something in the Louvre, which is indeed in this area of Paris. The one in Munich has roads going on its sides.

    Also worth to note that this is not an official map so the developers are not responsible of any issues, especially for misplaced user-made photosphere wrongly placed on Google Maps.

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