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A man, a plan, a compass that doesn’t work.

Compass clearly pointing in the wrong direction. Only one image in this round. There needs to be some quality control for single image puzzles. The Bridge of the Americas doesn’t run north/south, not even close.


  • Problem from Google Maps, not Geoguessr (except for selecting photospheres like that). This is a photosphere, which isn't made by Google but by someone like you or me. Since photospheres are sent by users on Google Maps, they have to set the direction and the location of the picture. In 99% of cases, they won't even bother about that and just upload with wrong values. That's why I want photospheres to be banned from the game, along with more reasons (no moving in most of cases, bad quality, slow loading and often black screens, either because it won't load or because the user removed it. That's the number #1 reason of black screens in the game).
  • Thanks for your response. Totally agree with you; not the first time I’ve had problems with a user submitted map.

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