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A few problems


Thank you for the game. It is well-designed.

I've tried playing and challenging another player tonight, but, for many times, the screen turned black.

I also find the map to not be user-friendly. It takes a bit of time to zoom in.

Also, the same image came at least twice inside the same game. I then quit the game.

I was contemplating the possibility of subscribing, but I would only do so if such problems would be a rare occurence.

Thank you for your time. Have a good day.


  • Hi Tony

    Is the repeating locations still a problem for you? Shortly after release we had some problems with repeating locations, but that should be fixed now.

    Regarding the subscription version (or pro version as we call it) it uses a different type of map and panoramas which has been tested a lot more over the years. I cannot promise that no problems ever would arise but it's a lot less likely!

    For more information regarding the latest changes please see: Regarding the latest changes to non-pro functionality


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