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A crash once again

December 6th, 2017. After 3 steps and 15,000 points I find the same challenge, the same map (Lake Mungo National Park Australia) at the next play. I know I'm trapped. So, I make the "guess" in the same place. I suspected, I got 3 points for the 4th step.
René Savard, Québec City Report inappropriate content


  • Hi René

    Thanks for the feedback! Do you mean a crash as in a black location, or something else? If it was a black location and you've experienced the same behaviour on the same map before it most likely is because the location has been removed by Google. We're working on a solution which should decrease the likelyhood of you experiencing these type of locations, but please stay tuned for updates! In the meantime a workaround would be to play a different map, or update the map with new locations - if you're the creator.

  • Hi Anton

    After the 3rd step, I'm offered exactly the same challenge, the same map, in the same place (Lake Mungo National Park). Impossible to get out of this trap. I accumulate unfinished games "dysfunctional". It's frustrating, shocking, discouraging :-/
    René Savard, Québec City
  • This is an issue from Google and not Geoguessr. They remove places and the game can't know that sadly. You can't expect a 100% functional service when it's using external sources. This mean you never should expect to get 25000 in all of your games.

    Even with carefully selected places in a custom map, we end up with black screen because of Google.

    When you see the same place again, you can be sure it's a broken location. Try to refresh, that can sometimes help.
  • Hi KillerMapper

    Exactly, I had "refresh" to finally have 3 points. Well finally, I don't care, it's just a game anyway ;-)

    René Savard, Québec City

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