A bug in BR lobby when two tabs are at play

Steps to reproduce:

* Start joining a BR game (I did it with country mode)
* Do the same in another tab (I did it with an intention of joining two games in parallel)
* Observe that the game realises you are the same person and you observe the same lobby with the same countdown in both tabs and only one account of yours
* Exit lobby in one of the tabs (I did it by clicking on Geoguessr logo)

Expected result:

* Have the remaining tab be as it was
(* Join another lobby in another tab after the game for the previous one has started)

Actual result:

* Exiting the lobby in second tab also exists you in the first one, so now you see a countdown for a lobby you are not in
* As the timer goes to 0 and game starts you get "Something unexpected happened! You can't join a game after it has started." and a nice compass animation

Firefox 88.0.1 (64-bit) / Ubuntu 21.04

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