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A Better Way to Add Legs in League Creation

The search function for adding a leg in the league creation has similar problems to the general map search. Typing in the full exact name of the map will not show it as a result. If map names are too simple they will be obscured by others. 

It would be very helpful if there was another way to add a specific map as a leg in a league. For example if you could just paste the URL to the map. Or even a priority to Liked Maps or something of that nature.

Here is a video showing the issue.



  • I have also experienced this problem. Some maps seem to be impossible to find in the search bar. It would be great to see a solution to this.
  • Hi,

    yes the search in leagues (and in general) needs to be improved! It's something we're looking at now and should hopefully be fixed soon.

    thanks for the feedback!


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