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5minute country dash game mode idea

Idea is you get 5 minutes* and in that 5 minutes you have to guess as many countries as possible. Not like a streak because the objective is number of locations in a set time and you can get countries wrong and continue.

At the end you'd be given the total number of right and wrong countries and also shown the result as a percentage correct.

It'd also make for a great way to challenge people.

Basically you'd have to have to take a few of seconds to look around and go with your gut instinct to get a good number of correct locations.

I would absolutely love to play this.

The clock would not be ticking between clicking guess and beginning the next round.

As a side bonus this would be a cheaters nightmare.

*or some other number of minutes, 1? 2? 10?


  • Hi!

    That would be like a speed-run Streak, thats pretty cool!

    And yeah you are right it would be hard to cheat in that mode.

    I have raised it to the team! Cheers 😀


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