I really don"t understand why are you doing this, you will drive even more players away, starting with just one game per day, then 20 minutes per game and now 5 goddamn minutes and then a 15min pause are you kidding me???


  • +1 I have no idea what they are doing but I am pretty sure they want people who play for free, to leave. Like you are gonna play for 5 minutes, walk away for 15+ and come back.

    I recently paid a month $2.99 and they charged me £2.99. Filip replied acting as if that was acceptable. I be if you are from India they don't then charge RS2.99

    The complacency to sweep things under the rug here will end this thing. Seems that's what they want.
  • I feel you all.
    I used to love this game and always played with my friends. They even gifted me a pro-account because they know how much I loved it. Then we used to play one game per day every now and then while video calling together.
    Now with the 5 or even 7 minute waiting, nobody of my friends wants to play anymore because of the waiting time and I am going to cancel the subscription. It's been a blast but it seems like all good comes to an end some day.
    Good bye and thanks for the good times :'(

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