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50/50 Still Isn't Right for Geoguessr

In its current form 50/50 doesn't feel right. Almost every 1v1 situation (whether that be the final round or the final 2 of a regular round), is dominated with the meta of spamming the 50/50 icon, and you are silly not to. This leads to the incredibly frustrating gameplay of tossing the original information collection to the wayside to 'cheap-out' race to click the 50/50 button the fastest. I would LOVE to continue looking to see if we are in Romania or Greece, Thailand or Cambodia, but instead I am forced to use 50/50 because I know my opponent is going to be hitting that button ASAP. I am personally against 50/50 in all forms and I am of the opinion it doesn't belong in Battle Royale, and fixing it is essentially fixing a problem we didn't even need.

However, it seems the Geoguessr team is steadfast on keeping this feature, which is clear from the many updates to it. If I could contribute anything to this as a firm 50/50 hater, and wish it be removed from the game, I would love to offer my opinions towards this issue.

- 50/50 should be in play in the last 10 seconds. This will fix people spamming it in final rounds, because lets be honest, that 'yellow' time is NOT enough time to gather information, and you should be rewarded for working out where you are without a lifeline. This way, if its a 1v1 each player has the chance to 'out-skill' the other player by finding information, before falling onto a lifeline. This could be a new 'purple' line on the time bar, but could just be an animation something similar to show when it is enabled.

- Silver games and higher should have 50/50 turned off. Chances are people have played the game enough to know where they are, they no longer need a helping hand. If the population of a server is 50% silver or greater, then 50/50 mode is disabled. This will lead to some bronze players lost in the open, but this should be an anomaly if the matchmaker works to match similar players. (This feature should continue to be worked on for a better matchmaker)

- Remove 50/50 from the final round. This is simple. Everyone has been asking for this. While I believe the first point I made will half fix this issue, I feel like it is still a compromise, where we DON'T have to reach one. Nobody really likes being cheaped out of a win for not guessing a country within the yellow time. If 50/50 is to reward less skilled players, can we reserve the winner of the game to be deserving, not the fastest clicker. I understand that they have the yellow time to work out where they are, but its an awkward amount of time where everything feels rushed and leads to a lot of times where you feel demolished by the 50/50 player essentially giving up.

---Much larger suggestion--- 50/50 has a much better place in another gamemode. I'm thinking a quiz-show format with A B C and D options. Thinking a NMPZ static-image, and you get given 2-4 country bubbles. To proceed, you get the multichoice question correct. This could be implimented in a multiplayer format (Sort of like Battle Royale, and since they run alongside eachother, 50/50 can be removed from the BR mode) or singleplayer format, similar to country streaks.



  • I love the suggestion to make 50/50 the last ditch effort in the final 10 seconds of every round except the last and removing it altogether in the last round.

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