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3 problems

Haven't played in a few weeks, and nowI have some problems with your wonderful game. I'm using Mac Safari 5.1.10, but problems persist when I switch to Foxfire.

1.Most annoying is when I try to zoom in or out an additional screen pops up asking if I want to resume the game. If I say yes, it takes me back to the starting location. Since the original screen is still there, I just kill the new screen and continue.

  1. When I receive my score for the round and click continue, it freezes. I have to click the back and then the forward buttons on my browser to get to the next round.

  2. Finally there seems to be a substantial increase in the number of rounds without arrows, formerly about 1%, now at least 25%. I understand using them for historical or unique locations, but now these are often in the middle of nowhere.

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  • Hi Tom

    This seems like a couple of strange problems that from the look of it sounds like they might be connected to the browser. Could you try to run it in Chrome and see if it makes any difference? You could also try to clear the browser cache och cookies from the existing browsers to make sure that there aren't any old data.

    Kind regards

  • It's working in Firefox now after clearing the cookies. Thanks.

    Tom Bodnar
  • Thanks Tom, that's great to hear!

    Kind regards,


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