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229.3m from the correct location = Zero Points

First of all, the game is great! Great idea and much fun. We mostly play zwo or three timed challenges in our office break.
But, since some weeks we often have the problem that we don't get any points, even if our guess is just a few meters away from the correct location. Sucks pretty much! We now compare the distance at the end of each game to see who was closer. But most of the fun gets lost by this.
For example, I give you the url to a challenge from today:
If you'll see, it counts the points from the player, but the challenger points are always 0.
Here the score URL of this challenge:

Another Point wich annoys us, if you make a famous places challenge, and zoom in on the map, you don't get any location descriptions (for example: "Santuario Historico Machu Picchu" round 2/5 on the challenge above.).
We don't knof if this is intended or not. But it makes it extremely difficult to find the correct places, especially for new players. They are often frustrated by this.
We would like it as an option in the setting, to make it more difficult for experienced players.


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