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2 Ideas for the Game - Co-Op Map Editor and Seed for Rounds

This are 2 random ideas I had for the game. I think both can be very useful.

One is to be able to have a "Seed" for the map played. Kinda like when playing a Challenge, that anyone playing it will get the same locations, but a "Seed" that you can get even when not playing a Challenge. Lets say you played a round and at the end you find that the 5 locations were interesting and you want to share that exact same round with someone else. Well, been able to have a "Seed" or a link to share that will give the other person the exact same locations could be something cool.

The other idea is to be able to "Edit" a Map where you are not the Author, but the Author decides that want to do it with someone else or a Team. So having some feature to add "Contributors" to a map would be really cool to have.

Again, thanks for the great work and hope anyone like this ideas and maybe we can see them implemented some day. Cheers.

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