1v1 Countries Based Suggestion

I think that there should be a 1v1 (Duel) game mode that is based on getting the country correct rather than distance based (When players play Duel, they will have an option of either Distance or Countries).

Think about it this way - most casual to intermediate players don't even usually know which country they're in, let alone which part of the country/street. This makes it so that there is too much luck involved in distance based Duels (i.e. we both knew it was Taiwan, but neither of us knew where in Taiwan. We both just guessed and my opponent just so happened to be closer). See what I mean about the luck part?

It would be so much more fun (as an intermediate player) to 1v1 someone based on countries (i.e. each time I get a country correct and my opponent doesn't, I get a point, and the first player to reach 'x' points wins).

1v1 distance matches should be advertised towards to top/pro level players (we've all seen Geostique zoom in directly to a specific street in Russia for a quick 10 second 5k before), while 1v1 country based matches should be advertised toward causal/intermediate players like me, and the vast majority of other players out there.

Let me know what you think! I really do think this is a good idea.
Christian Boxley


  • Hello,

    Thanks for your feedback. We always appreciate hearing your thoughts. As of now there are no plans on implementing Country duels I'm afraid, but I will share this with the team 😀

    Have a good one!

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