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The bus was delayed and I hade to take a taxi, can I get reimbursed?

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  • If your bus is delayed by more than 20 minutes or if it is reasonable to assume there will be a delay of more than 20 minutes from the times stated on the schedule you are entitled to compensation for other transportation. One condition for compensation is that the transport or transports used were reasonable choices. If you do not have time to purchase a bus ticket, you will be compensated for reasonable costs incurred for other transport minus a deduction for the cost corresponding to a One way adult ticket.

    You can apply for reimbursement by sending in your request through Flygbussarna's contact form. Then you will receive a case number in an automatic reply. For any further contact regarding your case we kindly ask you to reply to the automatic reply. That way you will maintain your case number.

    Then please send in your taxi receipt in original, your bus ticket and account information to:

    Flygbussarna Customer Service
    Klarabergsviadukten 72
    111 64 Stockholm

    Please mention your case number in the letter for quicker handling time. That way we can connect your cases easier.

    Original receipts has to be sent in at the latest 2 months after the trip has been made.
    Felicia Customer Service
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