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I forgot something on the bus. How can I retrieve it?

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  • For left luggage in Stockholm: Send a description of the item to our partner Sodexo via this link. They will contact you if the find anything matching your description. For all further contact regarding your item please contact Sodexo.

    Visiting address Sodexo: Kungsgatan 79, Stockholm (10:00-18:00 on weekdays)
    Phone: +46 8 57 88 48 00 (open 13:00-16:00)

    For left luggage in Malmö: Call +46 46 160 115 (weekdays 08:00-15:00)

    For left luggage in Gothenburg: Call + 46 31 336 22 70 (weekdays 08:00-14:00)

    Elin Customer service
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