Personal Information Policy

To post or comment on this forum you will need to enter your name and email address. Your email address will never be shown to other visitors in the forum.

By posting your post in the forum you are giving your consent to: 

  • The name you enter will be published publicly along with your post.
  • You provide your e-mail address for Merresor AB to be stored and used in accordance with Swedish law.
  • Merresor AB has the right to contact you through this e-mail address.
  • Merresor AB store your IP-address for troubleshooting purposes and prevent abuse.
  • Merresor AB has the right, only for internal use, to use your name and e-mail to make lookups in existing Merresor databases (such as own customer care system or another company-accessible database)
  • Merresor AB undertakes not to sell or otherwise disseminate your e-mail address, or information obtained by using it, to any third party without your written consent. Your post may, however, constitute general documents  offentlighets- och sekretesslagen (2009:400) This means that your e-mail address may be disclosed to a third party upon request.

    Your data will be stored for 12 months. If you want to remove your information from this forum, please report your post by tapping the warning triangle and write an explanation of what you want to do, then an editor will remove the data.

Content Policy

As a user of this forum, you accept that what you write is published and thus can be read by other users.

For content published in this forum, the following guidelines apply:

  • People who wish to remove or insure inappropriate content do so in connection with post and comment.
  • We always remove inappropriate content. Such content includes racist speeches, incitement to ethnic groups, pornography, threats or offensive/degrading comments about people, incitement to violence or criminal behaviour and advertising that explicitly benefits products and businesses. We also ask our users to avoid an all-too-aggressive language in the form of bad proverb, as it is often perceived as offensive.
  • In some cases, we also delete posts if they are clearly irrelevant to the site or context in which they are posted.
  • This forum is subject to lagen om elektroniska anslagstavlor (1998:112) and therefore we will immediately remove content that violates this law.