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Why is my radiator cold, is it turned off?



  • Hi and thank you for the question.

    The radiators is not turned off, it is the thermostat which is located on the radiators that senses the temperature in the room. When it feels 21 degrees Celsius in the room, it closes off the water flow, and after a while the radiators cools off. When the temperature drops below 21 degrees Celsius, the flow is switched on again thus increasing the temperature. If you feel that it is cold in the apartment, it may be caused by furniture or curtains in front of the radiators. This affect the thermostat and prevent the heat from spreading in the room. Everyone experiences the temperature of the apartment in different ways. The temperature should be 20 degrees Celsius in our apartments. The heat does not switch on at a certain date. Nowadays the heat switches on automatically, the colder it gets outside, the warmer becomes the radiators to maintain an indoor temperature of 20 degrees Celsius in the apartment.
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