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When can I get my apartment renovated?



  • Hi and thank you for the question.

    All our tenants are entitled to new wallpapers/paint in the rooms where the wallpapers or paint is 13 years old or older. Total one order per year regarding apartment maintenance. After renovation Familjebostäder resets the age of the wallpapers.
    Pre-schedule the work
    If you wish to pre-schedule wallpapers or painting, this is possible against a payment of the cost of the remaining years of the wallpapers. Wallpapers and painting that must be submitted must be at least two years old. After the renovation Familjebostäder resets the age of the wallpaper.
    Do it yourself
    If you want to do the work yourself, you can get the material that you need for the job, if the wallpaper is more than 8 years old. The work must be performed in a correct and professional manner. After the renovation Familjebostäder resets the age of the wallpaper.
    Other internal maintenance
    The responsibility for other internal maintenance follows the law. For example, maintenance/change of linoleum mat and parquet floors or renovation of kitchen, bathroom, changing of appliances and more is demand-driven. Familjebostäder inspects the apartment and determines the need.
    In some cases, unfortunately we can not offer wallpaper or painting.
    If you have questions about internal maintenance, contact customer service at 031-731 67 00.
    You can also raise the apartment standard for a fee that will be added to your monthly cost.
    You can read about raising the standard of the apartment and see more information on: https://www.familjebostader.se/hyresgastinfo/tjanster/tillval/
    Milad Kundservice

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