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I would like install a washing machine and/or a dishwasher, can familjebostäder help me?



  • Hi and thank you for the question.

    If you want to install a washing machine and/or dishwasher, it must be done by a certified artisan. For the pipe work contact a authorized pipelayer and for the electrictricity you need to contact a authorized electrician. The washing machine may only be placed in a space with a floor well like in the bathroom. You have to pay for the machine and the installation yourself. If a damage occurs, such as a water damage, due to the fact that a machine is not installed properly, you will be responsible for the damage or if a fire starts due to an incorrect electrical installation carried out by a non-authorized electrician. The insurance company does not pay for the damage, if the work is done incorrectly. After the installation is done it must be inspected by the landlord, contact us by phone to make an appointment 031-731 67 00. Keep in mind that you may also be required to disassemble the installation when moving out from the apartment.
    Milad Kundservice

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