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How do I apply for an apartment with Familjebostäder?



  • Hi and thank you for the question.

    If you want to live in one of Familjebostäder's apartments, you must apply on www.boplats.se where you can find our available apartments. There are always many applicants for each
    apartment. Out of all the applicants, the ones with the longest registration date on Boplats will be sent an offer to go look at the apartment. Many times a registration date of several years is required.
    If you have applied for an apartment via Boplats, you have done what you can and can not influence the situation. We do not make assessments based on the applicant's situation.
    Familjebostäder and other public housing companies in the Framtiden Group in Gothenburg rent apartments strictly based on the registration date that you have on Boplats and the terms stated in the advertisement.
    You can find more information on our website www.familjebostader.se and on Boplats´s website.
    Milad Kundservice

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