What are the conditions for the "first month free" campaign?

For those who become a member of DIK between 10 June - 30 September 2021, we offer the first month's membership fee free of charge.

This gives you the chance to try us and all the smart benefits and services that come with membership.

Your membership starts from the first day of the month, the month you join. For example: you join DIK on 16 June. Your membership will then be valid from 1 June. So you can use DIK's advice and services for things that have already happened from 1 June. You start paying your regular fee for July.

You can find out what it costs to be a member of DIK here.

You need to be a member of both the unemployment insurance fund (a-kassan) Akademikernas a-kassa, and the trade union in order for the preferential income insurance to apply to you.

The free first month's membership campaign is only available to new members and does not include the unemployment insurance fund fee.

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