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Yesterday's magazine

Is it possible to buy yesterday's magazine somehow (6.12.)?
I live in Jönköping, but I'm finnish and I missed yesterday's magazine with the finnish title. And I know some of my familymembers would be super happy to get one of those too. So,  I was just wondering - that is it possible to buy it afterwards?

Tack så mycket 😀


  • Hello Tuisku!

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately we don't sell single copies of Dagens Nyheter through our customer services. Our resellers also returns the copies they not have been able to sell during the day so they don't have any back issues either.

    Our suggestion is that you start a digital subscription that vill give you access to the issue from that day. You can either download it as an e-DN in our app or as a PDF from our website. The first month is for free and you can find our offerings here. There is no obligation to continue the subscription after the first month but you have to contact us for cancellation.

    We hope this will help you.

    Have a pleasant weekend!

    Robert DN Kundservice

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